Shortbus Studio Artists’ thoughts on winning… Cake?

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In the winter of 2008, a group of adults with developmental disabilities decided to create an intuitive art and outdoor adventure program in Burnsville.
Several of the artists wanted to name the studio Shortbus Studio because they said that the little yellow buses were a BIG part of their reality; they had to ride them everyday to and from school.
They wanted to help make the symbol of the short, yellow school bus COOL so that they could be proud of it… and it worked!
Because of the iconic logo, they have been able to educate the community — especially young people — on how we are more alike than we are different. The name has been a very positive thing for the artists at Shortbus Studio.


Pictured here are some Shortbus Artists on an outing. Cara Beth, who drew the flying text woman, is in the center.

When asked how the artists responded when they learned they had won, director Cassandra Styles said, “The funny thing is, they never act surprised when they win something.  I got a big YIPPEE! when I announced we had won.  Then they were all like, Do we get something?  Cake?  Everything leads back to cake.

One festival planner, Lucy Doll, heard about it and decided— Let them eat cake!


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