Announcing the 2016 Festival Image

Thank you all for the many fine (exceptional, really) entries that flooded our inbox and the local libraries. We have selected one to use for 2016 that made us smile, fit the theme Journey Out. Journey In. in interesting ways, and was certainly eye-catching.

Congratulations to a collaborative effort by the Short Bus Studio Artists from Burnsville, North Carolina!

 2016cmlitfest graphic
Ultimately, we chose this one because, at a glance, it reads “fun with books and mountains” and yet still addresses the theme in interesting ways. The image and bold colors caught our eye the most and it just made us smile!  Mountains of books fits very well with who we are, plain and simple. We also love that the woman’s red innards draw your eye in (the journey in) and her body is text (her ‘journey in’ is comprised of words! so fitting!). The blue/green lines from the mountains imply a radiant journey out… into the sky… a sky that her arms may be punching through, or grabbing hold of, depending on how you look at the fingers.  Plus, we can’t get over her toes and her knowing, yet curious expression; almost a Mona Lisa mysterious smile. Graphically, parts of the image can be used in the variety of elongated, cropped, or minimized forms it will need to be squeezed into.  Thank you so much for the collaboration of the artists.
But we couldn’t stop there because of these two fine entries!
Runners Up:apple path


photo by David McRary
We love the literal path the child is on, but even more we love how laden the metaphor is when coupled with the theme Journey Out. Journey In. The apple, starting with the Biblical notion of our beginnings, and the natural world’s complete life cycle–seed, fruit, them sinking/rotting into the soil, the tree (not to mention how we eat apples to the core – journey in)… It fits beautifully! Aside from that, this image would make a fabulous skinny bookmark. It just would. Plus, our mountains are in the background.
photo by Richard Kennedy
Here we see a turtle making the outward journey across the road, and then pulled within itself (inward journey). Perfecto. This hits the theme square in the kisser! And such a striking image. The physical wall-art of this work is shimmery fantasticness, too. It was difficult not to choose this one.