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The 10th Annual
Carolina Mountains Literary Festival
Thursday – Saturday, September 10-12, 2015

Our Earth…Our Time…Our Space…

Celebrate the stories of our shared earth.  Reflect on our pasts and wonder about the possibilities for our futures.

THURSDAY – 7pm  first public showing of Bonesteel Film’s First In Forestry 

(FREE) Burnsville Town Center

FRIDAY – 9 – 5 free readings all around town

7 pm – The banquet is on Friday night this year, with keynote speaker Jay Erskine Leutze, author of Stand Up That Mountain. SOLD OUT

SATURDAY – 9 – 5 free reading all around town

6:30pm –  “In Conversation” with Barbara Kingsolver and Ann Patchett does not involve a meal.  SOLD OUT

See the Evening Events page for details.



Our mission is to bring together authors, readers of all ages, novice writers, listeners and learners in small, intimate settings. We are a festival of readers who appreciate discussing the ideas in literature.