Carolina Mountains Literary Festival

Save the dates!  September 7 – 9, 2017.

If you are interested in volunteering at the festival, or starting now (this takes a lot of year-round planning), scroll down a bit…


Thanks to our 2016 volunteers:

Amber Westall Briggs,  Anne Sabri, Bill Schultz, Britt Kaufmann, Carol Boggess, Carol Clark, Carol Woodard, Caroline Christopoulos, Carrie DeVee,  Carrie Stone, Caty Carlin, Cathy Larson Sky, Ceevah Stevenson, Chris Holobek, Claudia Dunaway, Corrine Glesne, Cynthia Blood, Dr. Daniel Barron, Dawn Reid, Deana Blanchard,  Debbie Criscitiello, Debbie Littledeer, Dick Kennedy, Donna W. Miller, Dotty Morgan, Eliza Millard, Ellen Denker, Eric Klein, Hannah Klein, Heather Dawes, Heather Steuer, Jada Cash, Jake Blood, Jan Schilling, Jane Goldthwait, Jane Greene, Jane Brown Willig, Jeff Morgan, Jennie Boyd Bull, Jennifer Sword, Jim Parlier, Jo Ann Pagano, Jo Beaudry, John D. Richards, Joy Boothe, Judy Scheckel, Karen Hoffman, Kat Turczyn, Kate Jocelyn, Kathleen Wood, Kathy Weisfeld, Dr. Kelly Rothe, Kera Yonker, Lisa Schultz, Lisa Swaim, Lucy Doll, Matt Willig, Maureen Thornton, Michele Williams, Minnie Powell, Ron Powell, Nanci Mansfield, Nancy Raskin, Neshama Littman, Nancy Roth, Norman Rabek, Pat Riviere-Seel, Patti McCall (2016 Volunteer of the Year!), Preeti Happer, Rachel Swinney, Randy Raskin, Rebecca Caldwell, Scott Sasek, Sharron Barnes, Sondra Ickes, Susan Larson, Susa Silvermarie, Mayor Theresa Coletta, Shortbus Studio Artists & Cassandra Styles, Billy Wilkes

If you would like to help with the next Carolina Mountains Literary Festival™, please email or call 828-208-4731.

Our mission is to bring together authors, readers of all ages, novice writers, listeners and learners in small, intimate settings. We are a festival of readers who appreciate discussing the ideas in literature.

September 8-10, 20162016cmlitfest graphic

See full schedule here.


Thursday Night

  • Wayfaring Strangers-A Musical Voyage from Scotland to Ulster to Appalachiaconcert and presentation with authors and musicians Doug and Darcy Orr, and – via audiolink from her home in Scotland – Doug’s co-author and host of NPR’s Thistle and Shamrock, Fiona Ritchie.

All day Friday and Saturday

  • 9a.m. – 5 p.m. Free readings and discussions around town

Saturday Afternoon

  • Playback Theatre- Free improvisations about your stories


  • WRITING WORKSHOPS ($30) Fiction, Memoir, Non-Fiction, Poetry

Friday Night

  • Banquet ($35) with speaker Fred Chappell – full weekend sponsorship courtesy of Bubba & Susan Crutchfield

Saturday Night

    • Keynote ($20) David George Haskell, Pulitzer Prize Finalist for The Forest Unseen-A Year’s Watch in Nature.  He comes thanks to the NC Humanities Council Pulitzer Initiative Grant.

The Saturday night Keynote is a collaboration with the AMY Regional Library System, a project which is part of the Pulitzer Prizes Centennial Campfires Initiative, a joint venture of the Prizes Board and the Federation of State Humanities Council, in celebration of the 2016 centennial of the Prize. “Pulitzer NC: The Power of Words, a multifaceted public program presented by the North Carolina Humanities Council, highlights the way Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism, literature, and drama influence our world.

Thanks to a generous donation, “The Theresa and Frances Coletta Student Scholarship”, Avery, Mitchell, and Yancey County middle school and high school students will receive admission to the Saturday night Keynote with author David Haskell as space allows. Wristband tickets must be picked up at the Festival on Saturday September 10th.

Malaprop’s, the southeast’s premier independent bookstore, is the sole vendor at the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival. This year’s authors’ books will be on sale at the Burnsville Town Center from 9 until 5 both days. Malaprop’s donates 10% of the sales to a non-profit of our choice; this year, it is the fuel fund for the Avery-Mitchell-Yancey Regional Library bookmobile.

On-line and PO Box ticket sales end on August 31st. Starting September 1st, tickets for the Saturday Night Keynote ($20) and The Non-fiction Workshop with Jennifer McGaha ($30) may be purchased at the Burnsville Town Center, M-F 10-1p.m. and at the Festival.